Youth Sports – Growing on- and off-the-field…

“Youth sports is so big that nobody knows how big it is”. ESPN, The Magazine

Similar to other industries that experience periods of significant growth, youth sports’ has had their share of ‘growing pains’. With a limited number of adult volunteers,  even for those adults with the availability and willingness to volunteer  are unwilling or unqualified to assume any of these organizations administrative or financial responsibilities.

As the father of two, my experience with youth sports has been as a coach, referee, board member, booster or  simply an enthusiastic parent.  Over this extended period, from time to time I would see those things that gives youth sports a bad name.  But on many more occasions, I experienced the best that youth sports had to offer.


Business Professionals for Amateur Athletics

Over the last 30 years, Jeffrey Lerner has enjoyed a successful business career that has given him the opportunity to help hundreds of businesses achieve their business objectives.   He has now turned this attention to youth sports and looks forward to helping these organizations benefit from his years of experience and success.